web design packages

Startup Site

half upfront / half on launch
  • Design of 10 custom modules
  • Build of up to 10 pages
  • Sitemap review
  • Basic SEO setup
  • Wordpress training
  • One month of maintenance

Business Basic

half upfront / half on launch
  • Design of 20 custom modules
  • Build of up to 20 pages
  • Sitemap creation
  • Basic SEO setup
  • Wordpress training
  • 3 months of maintenance

Business Plus

half upfront / half on launch
  • Design of 30+ custom modules
  • Build of up to 50 pages
  • Sitemap creation
  • Branding consultation & design
  • SEO setup & meta descriptions
  • Wordpress training
  • 6 months of maintenance

packages FAQ

What is a custom module?

Think of a module as a section of the page. These sections can be repeated, moved around, and used on any page on the website.

For example, a module may be called “Image & Content” and have an image that takes up half of the section and text content that takes up half the section. Within the module, you’ll be able to choose options such as which side the image is on, whether to include a button after the text, and the background color of the whole section.

Using a set of these custom modules, you will be able to easily create and add to pages and easily update content on your website.

What is a sitemap?

In its most basic form, a sitemap is essentially a list of pages needed on your website, often grouped into parent pages and child pages.

For example, on a website for a florist, a parent page may be “Services” and child pages under that may be “Arrangements”, “Weddings”, and “Delivery”.

In the Startup package, Nicki will help you review and group the pages you need on your site. In the Basic and Plus packages, Nicki will take your website goals and create a suggested sitemap for you based on the pages your website needs.

I'm going to sell products on my site, which package do I need?

eCommerce is not included in any of the set-pricing packages due to it being very variable based on number of products, filtering, and categorization, but Nicki is certainly well-versed in designing and developing eCommerce websites and can help with that!

Please get in touch about custom web design including eCommerce.

looking for something more custom?

If you are not sure that your website needs fit into one of the packages, or you think your website project needs a bit more customization, please read more about Nicki’s web design services. Nicki is experienced working with companies both large and small to create beautiful and functional websites that work best for their goals.

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