Nataly Kogan

Nataly Kogan is a best-selling author and renowned public speaker who works with companies to help their employees thrive in the workplace. Nicki has had a long-standing relationship working with Nataly on graphics, print materials, and other marketing for her company, so when it came time for Nataly to develop her personal site, Nicki was happy to help! Nicki created a website that was fun and bright to showcase Nataly’s personality and personal brand, and most importantly a website that was super editable so that Nataly could make constant updates to let her following know what she’s up to.


Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Branding




Author, Public Speaker

what the client had to say

You are AMAZING and I am not saying this as a compliment - I have worked with MANY designers and you are unique. You get the vision so fast and 1000% right all the time, you can design and code, you're easy to work with, and are a delightful human being.

— Nataly Kogan

Author & Speaker